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Sharon Gregory

HOMETOWN: I am originally from Hubbard, Ohio. It's a small town of about 15,000 people in Northeastern Ohio. 
SPOUSE NAME: I am married to Chad Gregory. He is for sure the BETTER half!
CHILDREN: We have 3 children. Jacob-17yrs; Grace-14 yrs; Olivia-9 yrs.


SERVING AS: I am serving as the Pastor of Children's Ministry. 
PASSIONS: I am passionate about kids knowing and experiencing the incredible love of Jesus through youth and adults who are excited to share that love.


SCRIPTURE(S): One of my favorite verses is 1 John 1:9 because I learned it as a kid in church and God used it to radically change my life at a time when I had drifted far from Him.
I currently have 2 Tim 2:15 hanging above my desk at the church. 
QUOTE: "Hey, would you like to receive a reward in heaven by serving the Lord in children's ministry now?"
MUSIC: I listen to a lot of Bethel worship music. Of course I can't help but dance and sing to some good old 80's tunes!
MOVIES: What? I am a student at the Phoenix Seminary. I don't have time for movies!
HOBBIES: I like to bake and do crafts with my kids. I enjoy bike rides with my husband.
FOODS: I love just about anything that someone else makes for me!
OTHER QUIRKYNESSES: I am constantly loosing my keys and phone!